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As Christian Stewards we are called to give back to God from the “first fruits” of our labor. We support our parish and her ministries in an intentional way and not with only what it left after everything else has been taken care of.


We are thankful for the parishioners who live in the New York metropolitan area and regularly attend services at Saint Spyridon.  We ask that all current parishioners participate in the Stewardship Program.

We recognize that many of the faithful who grew up at Saint Spyridon have moved away from the metropolitan area and are now scattered across the Greek Orthodox community around the country. How many of us have been touched by this incredible community? How many of us have lifelong friendships that were born at Saint Spyridon? That is the miracle our patron saint blessed us with!  We ask that in addition to supporting your local parish, you consider becoming a steward of your Saint Spyridon home.

Together, we can ensure the legacy of Saint Spyridon in Washington Heights continues for generations to come.


In II Corinthians 9:7 we read “Each person should give what he/she has decided in his/her heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

The money raised through the Stewardship Program helps to cover only a small portion of the operating expenses of our church.  As we look to the future and grow our community ministries, it is our hope that our stewardship pledges will cover the majority of the day-to-day operating & maintaining expenses of the Church.  To accomplish this, we pray for the continuing support of both our current parishioners and our church community alumni.

Your pledge is whatever you decide it to be. How much is appropriate for you? The same as two cups of coffee each week? At least as much as we spend on cable television, or dinners at restaurants? Only you can determine what you think is appropriate for your personal situation. Please respond with a pledge that reflects the value you put on your faith and your church relative to the other things we all spend money on in our daily lives.

If you are blessed with resources that make life a little easier for you than it is for others, please consider it a privilege and a blessing that you are in the position to offer more to our Church than others can, and respond accordingly.


Absolutely! We will thank parishioners who support our church through stewardship by including their names on our published list of stewards, but all dollar amounts will be kept confidential.


You can make your stewardship donation here via Paypal:

Or, you can download and complete the pledge form, and then return it to the church office in person or send it via mail.

Download the Pledge Form

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