Saint Spyridon
Greek Orthodox Church

124 Wadsworth Avenue
New York, NY 10033

Very Reverend Protopresbyter
George G. Passias,

Presiding Priest

Tel: (212) 795-5870
Fax: (212) 795-4758

Saint Spyridon School

If you would like further information about Saint Spyridon School's elementary and PreK program, please call the school office at [212] 795-6870 or send an email to

Alumni information

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School mission

To provide a well-rounded education, which promotes spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development.

Our goals are to help our students develop:

  • Moral and ethical character
  • Familiarity with the Greek language and culture
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Lifelong learning skills
  • Political efficacy
  • Courtesy, kindness, tolerance and consideration to others
  • A positive attitude and a sense of responsibility toward society
  • Habits promoting health and physical development

School Program Highlights

  • Academic curriculum approved by the New York State Department of Education
  • New York State tests
  • Metropolitan Achievement tests
  • Physical and health education
  • Computer lab
  • Greek language and culture
  • Music
  • Lunch program
  • Trilingual English-Greek-Spanish environment

Academic Rules

  • All students have to be ready for each lesson; they must have a positive attitude and have books, notebooks, pens and pencils ready before the start of the lesson.
  • During the lesson, students must participate, be alert, attentive, courteous and cooperative.
  • Students must complete all classroom and homework assignments on time.
  • Students must prepare adequately for all tests.

Major and Minor subjects

  • Major: english, math, science, social studies
  • Minor: all other subjects


  • (A) 90-100
  • (B) 80-89
  • (C) 70-79
  • (F) below 70

Requirements for Promotion

  • Students who pass in all major and minor subjects are promoted.
  • Students who fail in three or more major subjects (two minor subjects are equivalent to one major) are retained in the same grade.
  • Students how fail in less than three major subjects (two minor subjects are equivalent to one major) must attend Summer School.
  • Students who do not have a good discipline record are not accepted back to Saint Spyridon School.
  • Students who have excessive lateness or more than 20 days absence from school are retained in the same grade.

Reports Cards

Report cards are distributed four times each year in the fall, winter, spring and end of the school year.

Parents-Teachers Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences take place three times each year immediately after the distribution of each of the first three report cards.

School Uniforms

  • School uniforms are mandatory for all students and must be worn every day except when directed by the teachers.
  • Boys: White collar shirt; blue tie; navy blue or black pants (no jeans); black dress shoes (no sneakers); black or navy blue sweater or sweater vest with school emblem sewn on it.
  • Girls: White collar shirt; blue tie; navy blue or black, knee-length, wide-cut skirt (no mini or tight skirts and no jeans); navy blue or black knee-high socks or tights; nave blue or black shoes; black or navy blue sweater vest with school emblem sewn on it.
  • Gym clothes, including sneakers, should be carried to and from school separately and they are to be worn only during Gym class.

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